About us

The Humanitarian Nursing and Paramedic Aid association was founded following a humanitarian mission in Ukraine carried out by three of the founding members.

The Association aims to organize and provide nursing and paramedical assistance interventions in international contexts characterized by crisis situations such as wars, catastrophic events and others which subvert the normal functioning of national systems and cause social instability and precarious health status of the population involved. In peacetime, it organizes and provides training to local staff in anticipation of crisis situations.

It promotes awareness on the topic and organizes or supports events aimed at collecting goods and funds for the social purpose and concrete and moral support for the initiatives.

HUNPA search for partners and collaborate constructively with authorities, institutions and organizations that pursue the same goals or that can support the association in achieving their own.

It supports local organizations and activities in the countries concerned through direct cooperation, financial and material donations, and operator training.

HUNPA  carry out any other activity aimed at achieving the social purpose.

HUNPA is a non-profit organization, it is non-partisan, non-denominational and its duration is unlimited. The bodies are active on an honorary basis.

People of HUNPA

HUNPA works with paramedics, nurses, doctors, humanitarian workers and other health professionals.

Anyone with an interest in humanitarian aid is welcome: there are many skills needed, not just healthcare, and there are many things to do.

We are all volunteers; while we carry out HUNPA projects, we must divide ourselves between family, private life, work and other activities: the more we are, the better!

HUNPA's board

Gianluca Ugolini
Giacomo Della Pietra
Vice President
Luca Clerici
Secretary and treasurer
Michele Bonato
Member of the board
Michele Roncoroni
Member of the board