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Humanitarian aid, whether it is carried out through direct missions like ours or through the sending of resources, has very high costs.

Only the processing of paperwork, travel expenses, the purchase of necessary goods and equipment useful for the mission represent an impressive expense item.

Our "zero mission" cost us on average more than 1,000 francs a day, mostly recovered through public and association contributions, as well as private donations.

If you want to help us in our activities, you can donate by TWINT or to the following bank details:

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Humanitarian nursing e paramedical aid

via Canton Lucerna 1

6760 Faido (Switzerland)

IBAN: CH75 8080 8005 8240 3123 8
Payee's bank:

Banca Raiffeisen Tre Valli

6710 Biasca (Switzerland)

IID (NCB): 80808

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