Our principles

HUNPA is inspired by the four humanitarian principles, born from the commitment, values and seven principles of the Red Cross movement and which are the basis of all humanitarian interventions in the world:

  • Humanity – Humanitarian aid arises from the primary need to provide assistance without discrimination to the wounded on the battlefield and to the victims of natural disasters, to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it occurs. Its objective is to protect life and health, and ensure respect for human beings. It promotes mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation and peace among peoples.
  • Neutrality - In order to ensure the trust of all parties involved, those carrying out humanitarian action must not take sides during hostilities, or in any case take part in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature. This abstention is limited exclusively by the need to report failure to respect humanitarian law.
  • Impartiality – Humanitarian aid does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, religious or class beliefs, or political opinion. Its goal is exclusively to alleviate suffering by giving priority to those who suffer from conditions of greatest deprivation.
  • Independence – Humanitarian aid is by its very nature independent, i.e. free from political, economic, military or other types of conditioning.

Our logo

"Sustaing humanity into the darkness", is the motto of the association, which expresses our intentions well.

Our logo represents the components and aim of our association:

  • the background is made up of a star of life, the international symbol, born in the USA in the 60s, which identifies emergency medical services and paramedics;
  • an image is superimposed on it based on the Caduceus, the international symbol of healthcare, widely used in the USA by nurses, the double snake that wraps around the stick with a pair of wings, where two arms with hands replace the snakes and wings;
  • a stylized man emerging from beneath the world;
  • the hands that support the stylized man, who resembles a flame, still recall the symbol used by the orders of nurses in Italy.

The whole therefore represents the action of paramedics and nurses who support humanity, helping man to resurface from a world that crushes him.

Nice, isn't it?